Soul Motion Sunday Dance

Regular Sunday morning dance in Worthing the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, with Denise Barnett.

Denise offers drop in Sunday morning dance classes for everyone, men + women

Please note:  Sjanie is taking a break from teaching her women’s only classes during the first half of 2018 as she continues to focus on her ground-breaking work at Red School


Denise is a Soul Motion Teacher and offers classes suitable for everyone, men + women, exploring and deepening our relationships and connections with our bodies, with each other, and with the wider world, through movement.

Sjanie is a Movement Medicine apprentice teacher and offers classes for women working with the movement medicine mandala and the wisdom that comes from menstrual cycle awareness.

Sjanie and Denise come from different movement backgrounds, but share a love of movement and music. At the heart of it they share a passion for building community and connection that is grounded in the power of our bodies and our natural rhythms.

Class details

Classes are from 10.15 – 12.15 at RSOPA

RSOPA Studio House, 37 Richmond Road, Worthing, BN11 1PW

Wear loose comfortable clothes, bare feet (or dance shoes). Bring warm layers and water.

PRICING:   £12 per class; sliding scale lower fees available 

We want this class to be inclusive, and for no-one to be excluded from dance due to financial reasons.  Contact us & we can offer you a free dance in exchange for some non-financial contribution to the space e.g. an altar item or contribution; helping us set-up and/or clear down the space at the end.

Class Schedule

Sundays in 2018

First class of 2018 – Sunday 14 January

For 2018,  Sunday Morning Soul Motion runs on the 2nd and 4th Sunday morning of each month

(note NO Class 28 January due to studio availability)

Upcoming dates:

   14 January 2018

*** NO CLASS 28 January***

   11 February 2018

   25 February 2018

   11 March 2018

   25 March 2018

   8 April 2018

   22 April 2018

   13 May 2018

   27 May 2018

   10 June 2018

   24 June 2018

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Denise Barnett

“I’m a Soul Motion Teacher, and Embodied Leadership Mentor for the Soul Motion School.  As well as teaching Soul Motion, I work with individuals as a Somatic Coach & Movement Therapist, and as a Somatic Experiencing (trauma) Therapist specialising in resiliency.  I also work with organisations and businesses as a consultant, where I apply approaches from my dance practice off the dancefloor, to help organisations become more creative, open and effective.

I share with Sjanie a love of dance, movement and music (as well as being an Apprentice graduate and massive fan of Sjanie’s work at Red School).

One of the ways I love to work most is with movement. I’ve been a Somatic Movement teacher for nearly 10 years, and tried and trained in lots of different movement practices, until I fell in love with Soul Motion, the conscious dance practice designed by Vinn Arjuna Marti, about 5 years ago.

I love the combination Soul Motion offers of exploring clear, simple movement suggestions that help us be more present in our own bodies, whilst also exploring our relationships with others, the wider community, and the bigger questions of life. For me it’s a practice on the dancefloor that can support me and give me strength for the everyday dance of life.

My classes use movement, mindfulness, and inspiration from music, poetry and the imagination, to help you get into your body, out of your thinking head, and inspired to face the week ahead!  

My main approach though is very simple – have fun – and enjoy the dance 🙂

There are no steps, nothing to get wrong, everything to enjoy – whether you’ve never danced before, or you’re a seasoned mover curious to try out a Soul Motion class


Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer


“Dancing has always been my go to source of pleasure, fun, creative expression and exercise. The first time I stepped into a dance meditation class in London in Dec 2003 I felt I had found my practice, my spiritual path, my community, and my medicine — I couldn’t believe my luck — it was as if it had been made just for me.

After being seduced in my early 20’s by the apparent liberation of hormonal contraception, thankfully my deep instinctual knowing broke through that illusion and in 2003 I took my first conscious step of awakening into the power of menstruality. When I came off hormonal contraception my feeling life exploded into glorious technicolour. I came alive in ways I had not known before, as though I were discovering myself for the first time. I uncovered, to my amazement, an exquisite rhythmic dance that lives inside my body — my menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle awareness became my daily mindfulness practice and continues to yield untold wisdom.

The return of my cycle awoke a real excitement in me and I felt compelled to weave my discoveries of it into all aspects of my life and work. In 2009 I began working with Alexandra Pope and together we co-founded Red School where we teach on the inherent and exquisite power that resides within the menstrual cycle.

I have been deeply engaged for most part of the past 13 years in a conscious dance practice which has never failed me. Along with menstrual cycle awareness, this is my medicine and I’m nothing short of thrilled to have begun training with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan in 2011 as a Movement Medicine teacher. Since I began dancing with them in 2004 I have landed in my body, grown into my heart and stepped into epicentre of my life”

We welcome you to come and dance with us, have fun, learn and explore as part of this growing movement community!

Denise & Sjanie